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the Superwood event questions or suggestions are provided for you via e-mail to office

we need to give thanks to our subscribers from the base your minds for participating in and generating a distinctive festival. develop you’d a gorgeous and inspiring knowledge about united states.

we sincerely hope to see you the coming year, stay tuned in for updates!


North Oddity, Pure charm and woodland vibes

For just two nights from inside the fall forests from the seaside, a residential district, an universe similar to youth summertime camps is made. A sleepover knowledge about 45 several hours of musical, art, and dinners for thought and heart. A weekend to keep in mind!

The Superwood Festival by Ivana Helsinki occurs on 1.-3.10.2021Superwood Festival delivers audio, art, expert speaks and vegetarian delicacies all beneath the same roof.Open the door, step inside the house, bring a glass of gleaming and feel the entire festivalin an original architectural space.


Superwood event offers distinctive performances and a particular possible opportunity to read completely new rings to their first-ever festival activities.

We’ll appreciate artists, rings and performances from various views like indie, stone, electro and pop music.


Material journey are a totally special mixture of musical, efficiency art and woodland conditions, curated by Paola Suhonen. Phenomenal activities in unique set-ups by numerous music artists, each set designed designed for each musician.

We might like everybody else to be able to join all of our Wood trip but as a result of the nature from the journey (it will take place in the encompassing woods) and also for protection reasons we are obligated to reduce few the members. The members will be used a number of lotteries ahead of the festival together with remaining portion of the locations will likely be secured for very early arrivals. Please take notices in Superwood instagram & twitter when it comes to lottery dates!

Art installations across resort milieu put the mood with weird dual highs atmosphere.


The Superwood Festival provides a totally newer festival program content; fascinating speaks by reseachers, hot subject areas by experts. You will find 20 minute talks from a variety of educational fields giving insight into the hot subjects of today.

The beliefs of Ivana Helsinki live-in the spirit of Superwood Festival also, which is why we serve only vegetarian edibles. The festival will give attention to finding the best preferences and brand new interesting manufacturers. Love snacks your eyes, lips and heart!


Superwood Festival will require place in the architeturally impressing resort Rantapuisto in addition to close forest grounds. Crafted by Ragnar and Martta Ypya, it actually was completed in 1963 in the beginning as a training center for Pohjoismaiden Yhdyspankki bank. The hotel and its own internal, nonetheless devoted to the earliest 60’s material structure appearance, is really as important an integral part of the event due to the fact actual lineup.

Sisters Desire Men That Will ‘Compete To Breed’ With These People

Craigslist is known as one of several best acne to acquire crazy… but this CL offer out-of eastern Texas is some next amount insane.

The advertising had been redirected here flagged and removed correct whenever we comprise screencapturing they and then we missed acquiring bigger photos on the siblings. But we still got the smaller thumbs and, obviously, their unique listing of specifications for possible men.

The Craigslist ad (transcribed):

No Provocative Pictures Please…. pictures are now being seen by whole families including family.

My Personal brother and that I would like kin hubbies but there is some unsual kinks and needs thus read this incorporate completely before responding….

1. we elect to live in extreme package, assisting one another and supporting the prepare and certainly even battling each other (gotta decide who’s alpha you realize).

2. We are siblings. There isn’t any intimate involvement between united states course, therefore usually do not change mates. Neither will we take the males using each other.

3. we’re into polyandry which is the exercise of just one woman creating 2 husbands or maybe more.

4. Our company is alpha females naturally. Start wishes either a man whom are stubborn enough to put up with this lady or submissive sufficient to take pleasure in becoming bossed around because this woman is obviously a bossy people. Renee wants a completely submissive intercourse slave whom knows that the girl earliest partner try leader and can make all conclusion. but not usually… see #5.

5. both of us become breeders and want become bred frequently, start wants to have their mates play ‘who can bump the girl up earliest game,’ and a lot more aggressive video games… Renee wants to pick the breeding day but the lady leader reaches make the ultimate decision. But both this lady friends must contend with each other for breeding rights whenever she states so. This can be wrestling the other person and perhaps occasionally fist-fighting. But we don’t wish any kind of our very own guys to get severely hurt.

Beginning additionally wants her men to compete to breed with her, but no assault. She wants games like paper, scissors, rocks.

6. start wants 2 husbands, Renee already has actually one husband and there for looking for a moment partner becoming this lady intercourse slave.

7. We each have actually our very own earnings and we anticipate the friends for their very own income at the same time. you need to be able and willing to supporting your self along with your partner together with your cubs.

8. Renee are green warm only, however all over youngsters. Dawn won’t endure any substance dependency anyway.

9. Dawn are a Christian and thinks god-created our planet of one’s usage and treatment. Renee is Christian-Pagan with a lot of Wicca thinks in only strengthening of your own personal fuel and it is considerably open minded.

10. all cubs ought to be addressed as your own therefore need to be capable accept current cubs as his or her very own also the one which are bared directly after we spouse.

When you can consent to these specific things would like the very bbw email Dawn during the email above incorporate a picture of your self (face and body merely no dick pictures) as well as your era as well as your definition of kin and only a little about yourself to see the girl focus. Renee is during reddish and black colored in single photo and in the sibling picture in turqouise. Renee are 25 and contains 2 cubs a person is practically 3 plus the various other is virtually 1, Renee is extremely drawn to Russian decent but is open to other nationalities.

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